Diplomatic Data: Measuring and Setting Benchmarks to Communicate your DE&I Strategy Internally

Many DE&I programs fail to go beyond a well-intentioned audit and enact internal changes that employees find meaningful. In this session, we’ll examine the communicator’s role in setting and sharing benchmark goals around DE&I to ensure your organization is making measurable progress in every facet of the business.

You’ll learn:

  • How to analyze demographic data, detect trends and measure your workforce’s progress against industry standards to set realistic, actionable benchmark goals
  • How to build a DE&I communication strategy based on benchmark data
  • Strategies for getting buy-in from leadership by tethering your benchmark goals to company-wide business goals
  • Ways to communicate your DE&I communications strategy across departments to impact executive communication, talent recruitment, content strategy and more
  • Cat Colella-Graham
    Founder, Chief Employee Experience Officer
    Cheer Partners
  • Joseph Dawson
    Director, strategic communications
    Freddie Mac
  • Justin Joffe
    Editorial Director and Editor-in-Chief
    Ragan Communications