Design and publish infographics that get results

Infographics are powerful communication tools that should be in every marketer’s toolbox; however, most are poorly designed and never fulfill their potential. Engaging infographic designs that capture your audience’s attention employ best practices from both design and storytelling. Compelling design is just half the battle, though; next you must publish, promote and share your infographics across your key communications channels—including your website, social media, blogs and mainstream media. This session will walk you through the best practices for infographics design and the techniques for optimizing your infographics for SEO and social media.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The process for infographics design
  • Best practices for infographics design (and some common mistakes)
  • Common tools used for data visualization and infographics design
  • Crucial design decisions for creating successful infographics
  • Key steps to publishing and promoting your infographics
  • Randy Krum
    Instructor, infographics design
    Southern Methodist University