DE&I Meets Workplace Wellness: Strategic Initiatives to Make Impact and Influence Culture Change

What if we told you that one DEI focused talent program can reshape organizational culture and change how you think about the employee experience? Well, it’s possible! This talk will focus on Audible’s Next Chapter Returnship Program, a program rooted in DE&I that changed not just the hiring culture of an organization, but set a new standard for the industry at large. The program has helped communities in need, created new pathways for employee engagement at work, and took workplace wellness to a whole new level. You’ll hear:

  • Lessons from HR on how to get buy-in for a unique program from diverse stakeholders and leadership
  • How to structure a program in a manner that influences organizational change and enables multiple stakeholders to grow, develop, engage and feel empowered
  • Techniques to influence organizational policies and practices through measuring change and building concrete success metrics
  • How to impact external communities through organizational work
  • How to build a long term sustainable programmatic approach to continue the legacy beyond a one-off initiative to introducing other parallel programs rooted in DEI and workplace wellness
  • Supriya Mimani
    Director HR Program Management