Data-Driven Storytelling in an Age of Short Attention Spans

Effective and powerful stories are told at the right moment to the right audience. But identifying the moment and the audience can be challenging — and so can ensuring that your stories have the emotional resonance needed to move your audience to act. Learn how to lean into data to help better understand your audiences, as well as the storylines and messages they want to hear. This session will cover:

  • Strategic and authentic storytelling: How to produce organic, emotional and immersive stories with clear, consistent and inclusive messaging.
  • Bite-sized messaging: Why shorter, pithier slogans and storytelling is in, and where those stories thrive (hello, TikTok).
  • Data collection: How companies can ethically start collecting data today to personalize and elevate their storytelling — plus the latest advice on privacy laws.
  • What’s next: A preview of emerging AI storytelling tools like Jasper, Studiowrite, Canva Magic Write, Subtext and more — plus how to upskill storytellers into data scientists (and vice versa).
  • Trovon C. Williams
    Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communication
  • Matt Ward
    Head of Communications
    Corebridge Financial
  • Tiffany Guarnaccia
    Founder & CEO
    Kite Hill PR