Cultivate and Communicate Purpose: Building an Authentic Brand in the Public and Press

A big agency spend isn’t what creates a recognizable, beloved brand — not anymore. Instead, crafting, cultivating and communicating a brand’s authentic purpose is what connects with audiences today. After all, the public and the press expect more from organizations now. Join to hear how to improve brand reputation and build trust with purpose-driven PR. You’ll learn:

  • How to help identify your organization’s purpose, mission and values
  • Proof of purpose: Storytelling strategies and examples that bring purpose to life
  • Working with the press: Stories, angles, data, trends and media hooks that will help position your purpose driven programs to receptive outlets on the beat
  • Measuring purpose: How to track and report corporate reputation to your execs
  • Victoria Baxter
    Senior Client Partner, ESG & Sustainability
    Korn Ferry