Crisis Simulation: How to Seize the Day When a Crisis Erupts on Mainstream and Social Media

Every organization or public figure with a reputation or brand worth protecting needs to be ready for when their moment in the crisis spotlight occurs. This quick role playing session will arm you with core crisis principles before thrusting you and your fellow attendees into a simulated crisis-of-the-week ripped from the headlines. You’ll leave with a quick experience of what it is like to be in the crisis war room with a top, global, crisis communications expert. Come prepared to put your skills to the test! You’ll learn:

  • How to quickly analyze a top crisis ripped from the headlines
  • Role-play strategies under strict time constraints and how to best counsel in a crisis
  • Several ways to immediately show your value to your client
  • Tips for more effective crisis simulations and teamwork and ways to rebuild trust
  • Mistakes companies, public figures and brands make when bad news strikes—and how to avoid them
  • Mike Paul
    Reputation Doctor® LLC