Crisis Planning Deep Dive: 5 Most Common Mistakes Organizations Make in Crisis Plans

When a crisis hits, the effectiveness of your organization’s response depends mostly on how well you planned before bad news struck. The best crisis plans avoid pitfalls that can torpedo an effective response, leaving stakeholders disappointed and your organization’s reputation damaged. Join to hear how to fine-tune your plan to address common mistakes.

You’ll learn:

  • How to apply sandpaper to friction points that can trip you up when the heat is on
  • The stakeholder group most crisis plans overlook—and how to ensure yours doesn’t
  • How to minimize the amount of work your team will do on day one of a crisis
  • A crisis messaging principle that’s more important than ever
  • How a simple reorientation can make your crisis plan much more effective
  • Nick Lanyi
    Media Relations and Crisis Communications Expert
    Ragan Consulting Group