Creator Meets Collaborator: How to Partner (Not Compete) with Influencers

Toss out the technobabble about the creator economy. It’s “just” 50 million independent content creators, bloggers and videographers — and the tools they use (YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Substack, Patreon, OnlyFans and more). In this session, we’ll explore how to work with — not against — this community gaining power in the media ecosystem so you gain voice and reach instead of losing it (to them).

You’ll learn:

  • Immediate opportunities for brands: What’s working and what’s not in the creator economy and current influencer landscape.
  • Who owns the influencer relationship: How to avoid a “land grab” mindset at your org
  • How to identify the right influencers and platforms for your brand and message.
  • Doing more with less in 2023: Tips to access creative talent in smarter, scalable and cost-effective ways—especially as budgets are trimmed.
  • Examples of successful B2C and B2B influencer campaigns you can emulate — from strategic planning guidelines to budget ranges and even KPIs that proved return.
  • Measurement matters: Dashboard tips and how to present what’s expected to execs
  • Alyssa Smith
    Director of Conferences
    Ragan Communications
  • Katie Yun
    Social Media Director
  • Maya Wasserman
    Head of Marketing, Television & Sound
    Sony Electronics