Creativity from the Inside Out: Tactics to Boost the Creativity on Your Comms Team for Better Campaigns

It’s not easy being a professional communicator when pressure-filled deadlines loom and you haven’t been in a room with your team since March. The brilliant copy you imagined just won’t emerge and creativity seems at an all-time low. It’s time to take action and create space for your team to get back to inspired thinking and producing engaging content that employees will actually want to read.

Topics include:

  • Exercises to perform with your team to reinvigorate the creative corners of their mind—even when under extreme deadline pressures.
  • Experience “brilliance on demand” through creative processes that inspire, transform and accelerate your writing.
  • Lessons from the creative process that transformed the marketing of major Fortune 500 companies.
  • With “open enrollment,” around the corner and a new strategic plan to brand and communicate—learn how to create truly engaging campaigns that will grab the attention of your stressed-out virtual employees.
  • Savvy ways to manipulate your “same-old” writing style.

Exercises include:

  • Free association techniques to get to new ideas
  • Using imagery to advance your writing
  • Copy transformation through persona translation
  • Physical embodiment to infuse meaning in your words
  • Mary Olivieri

    EVP and Executive Creative Director
    Colman, Brohan and Davis