Creative Social Media Storytelling: How to Adapt amid Unrest and App Copycats

Join for creative online video storytelling tactics you can use on any social media platform during periods of pandemic and social unrest. Also, receive tips on short-form video and why new platforms like TikTok can be effective means to connect with your audience today—if you hit the right hot buttons.

You’ll learn:

  • Strategy Revisited: How to update your video strategy for top social media channels and platforms like YouTube
  • Stories Secrets: What you can learn from successful Snaps to improve your social media storytelling
  • Short-Form Success: How to shoot and share for different formats
  • Influencer Relations: How to partner with influencers and celebs to build trust
  • Bonus: Lessons from TikTok successes and Reels tests to help you make the jump
  • Jon Thompson
    Social Media Manager, Enterprise Content