Creating Fresh Thought Leadership Content That Cuts Through the Noise

As people begin to transition back to normalcy amid COVID-19 vaccinations and businesses reopening, we rely on the words of leaders at major brands and organizations to navigate our uncertainties with compelling, creative thought leadership content. In this session, you’ll glean steps for creating thought leadership content that clearly reinforces your organization’s values, along with strategies for writing timely and relevant content that addresses stakeholder needs.

You’ll learn:

  • How to craft internal memos from leadership that reinforce organizational goals, improve morale, and weed out internal issues before they escalate
  • Strategies for determining length of executive pieces, frequency and where they are showcased
  • Tips for repurposing video content from speaking opportunities such as town halls or panels into thought leadership content
  • Considerations for adjusting your leader’s messaging to help your brand voice meet the current cultural climate
  • Rachel Spates
    Associate Director, Communications
    Sun Life