Creating a Stigma-Free Mental Health Environment for Employees

A recent Lyra Health survey indicated that 86% of employees faced at least one mental health challenge in 2022, but only one-third sought support. This is alarming data for employers since employee wellbeing can affect organizational productivity, engagement, efficiency and retention, just to name a few. So how can employers make mental health investment and resource management a priority — and demonstrate to employees that they are valued?

Join us for a panel of mental health, HR and internal comms professionals who will detail the important conversations needed around mental health. These conversations need to happen on both an organizational and peer level to develop a stigma-free culture of mental wellbeing. We’ll uncover how to:

  • Lead and advise people managers to be mindful of employee mental health issues and create a safe space.
  • Launch employee resource groups (ERGs) that address and promote mental wellbeing so employees have peer-to-peer and leadership support.
  • Leverage internal partnerships and communications channels to expand your employee mental health programs and initiatives.
  • And, much more.
  • Tara Davis
    Director of Staff Well-Being and Engagement
    American Psychological Association
  • Jessica Smith
    Corporate HR Executive & Founder
    Zumba Fitness ATX
  • Sheila Collins