Creating a Culture that Thrives in Change: How We Inspire and Innovate (So You Can Too)

The world has changed and with it, so has communications. Out of necessity, we’ve become more adaptable, empathetic and crisis ready. Join to hear an amazing, firsthand story that will inspire you to transform this survival instinct into strategy by creating and communicating a nimble organizational culture that doesn’t just survive challenges — but thrives in change. You’ll hear:

  • Firm foundations: Boosting change engagement by tying to organizational purpose
  • How to assess and activate your best partners — including employees — to help
    support change
  • How to identity the best digital channels and influencers for your message, including
    smart ways to communicate organizational change with the press and public
  • Ideas for measuring your change communications successes
  • Joe Wittinghill
    Corporate Vice President, Talent, Learning & Insights