Create Change: Set Measurable DEI Goals, Tie Them to Business Objectives and Continuously Improve on Them

For any organization to be successful, its employees need to have an environment where they can do their best work. It is also needs to have the trust of a public increasingly critical of how major companies address racism and social justice. During this session, we’ll discuss why diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives are critical to ensuring your business is positioned to weather the economic strain posed by COVID-19, how to set measurable, attainable goals, and how to work on them in meaningful ways every day

Learn how to:

  • Make the business case and gain buy in from internal stakeholders for a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace
  • Identity weak spots and areas for improvement
  • Set ambitious but attainable DEI goals, and tie them directly to business goals
  • Show business leaders the impact of DEI initiatives of employee engagement, innovation and public reputation
  • Chloe Louvouezo
    Diversity, Inclusion and Communications Consultant
    Chloe Louvouezo