Create and Sustain Best Practices for YouTube Success Virtual Summit

Have you been wanting to start a YouTube channel but don’t know where to begin? Or have you started one without much success and want key tips on how to consistently start gaining subscribers with interesting and engaging content? Join virtual summit and learn everything you need to know about launching and sustaining a successful YouTube channel.

What you’ll learn:

  • The importance behind essential content and why it’s content business model
  • Understanding audience intent and why YouTube video, Facebook video, search result video, and website video are radically different
  • Why video optimization matters, but authenticity matters more
  • How you don’t essentially need a huge budget, but you do need the right talent
  • How to create effective and engaging titles that will encourage views and positive feedback
  • Everything there is to know about getting started with live streaming that looks professional
  • How to communicate brand values on video without sacrificing authenticity
  • Matt Silverman
    Director of video
    The Daily Dot
  • Shea Jennings
    Communications associate
    Mayo Clinic