Create an employee advocacy program in 5 easy steps

Your employees are the best people to represent your brand. They provide REAL insight about your company culture, products and customer service.

Did you know that 50% of employees post company news on their personal networks? Most often, they share content from corporate social media channels!

Why is this important? Because employees exercise marketing influence over consumers.

The good news: More companies do notice this trend and they build employee advocacy programs to amplify communication created by their marketing and social media departments.

Key Takeaways:

  • What’s new: The best technology platforms for employee advocacy programs
  • How personalized messages from advocates help your company reach business goals
  • The key qualities of employee advocates who will represent your brand the right way
  • What to include in your training program to make employees feel comfortable sharing content on Day 1
  • Simple ways to motivate your advocates
  • The metrics that’ll impress your C-suite and generate more support in the organization
  • How to expand your program once it passes its pilot test
  • Jason Spencer
    Social Media Community Manager