Create a Winning Corporate Culture Unlock your greater mission, increase employee engagement, and attract top talent

Want to boost buy-in for your mission? Would you like to increase employee engagement—while attracting top talent? Join this event with Emmy Negrin (OpenTable), Jeremy Godwin (Verizon) and Beth Stellato (Newell Brands) for new ways to keep your employees informed and inspired. They’ll reveal steps you can take right away to build a powerful, purpose-driven culture that drives your organization’s goals, transforms your teams and unites your workforce. You’ll learn how to: • Create a purpose-driven corporate culture that can withstand crises • Launch culture initiatives using video, intranets and mobile apps • Increase morale—and ignite employee engagement and productivity • Become known as a “great place to work” and attract superstar recruits

Session 1: Build It Unlock your mission: Build inclusive teams and create a purpose-driven culture Join to discover how to build an organizational culture around pillars of purpose, growth and giving back—a foundation that will help your organization attract and retain top talent and make a greater societal impact. You’ll learn how social responsibility, diversity and inclusion and a culture of learning unlock your organization’s deeper purpose, allowing employees to bring their full selves to work. You’ll learn: • What top performers expect from great places to work • Quick tips to jump-start programs that reflect your organization’s mission and values • How to build an organizational culture around inclusion, growth and giving • Ways to empower employees to lead from a place of authenticity and live their values at work Emmy Negrin is the head of inclusion and people development at OpenTable. @opentable

Session 2: Brand It Increase employee engagement: Transform culture with integrated video What happens once you have a corporate culture initiative in place? You spread the word internally. Join to discover how to foster transparency and emphasize culture via video. You’ll also see how to integrate video with other internal channels, including meetings and your intranet, to increase employee engagement. You’ll learn: • How to create a communication platform that connects execs and employees • Techniques for shooting internal videos that convey your culture—including the most essential equipment and how to use it, plus strategies for driving employee engagement • How to move beyond mass emails—tips for integrating meetings, intranets and video • Insights into tracking engagement KPIs Jeremy Godwin is a culture and employee engagement manager at Verizon. @jergo

Session 3: Boost It Cascade culture: Engage leadership and tap mobile apps to scale your culture It’s not enough to plan and internally promote a great corporate culture. You must live it, breathe it and embed it across the organization. Join to hear how Newell Brands successfully scales its culture by engaging its leaders and creating “awesome experiences” for 45,000 employees. The insights you take away will help you sustain—and strengthen—your own corporate culture. You’ll learn: • A process to scale culture—from the corner offices to front-line employees • How to create “leader toolkits” for execs to cascade information and values • How a mobile app bolsters employee engagement • How to create and curate great app content that fosters culture—from amazing photos and videos to contests Beth Stellato is the director of communications at Newell Brands. @beth_stellato

  • Emmy Negrin
    Head of inclusion and people development
  • Beth Stellato
    Director of communications
    Newell Brands
  • Jeremy Godwin
    Manager, culture and employee communications