Crafting a Multi-Channel Content Strategy to Drive Engagement

Distributing your internal content through a variety of channels can ensure that your hard work reaches employees wherever they are most active. In this session, you’ll learn how the most successful internal communicators figure out what mediums and channels resonate best with their workforce by measuring engagement and refining the content mix accordingly.

We will discuss:

  • Strategies for determining what medium is right for each message
  • How to craft impactful emails and newsletters
  • Examples of successful internal visual content including video, infographics and GIFs
  • Tips for using your Intranet to streamline the presentation of your multi-channel content
  • Ways to use social media to engage with a dispersed workforce
  • Determining the best employee app for your needs
  • Ways to measure the performance of your content across channels and strategically tweak your output
  • Laurel Dzneladze
    Leader, Employee Communications and Technology