Craft your next media relations blockbuster: Secrets from the silver screen

PR pros constantly struggle to get their news heard, but powerful media relations efforts are within your reach. With 660 theaters nationwide in nearly every media market, AMC Theatres’ director of corporate communications, Ryan Noonan, seeks to land media coverage hits as big as the films AMC shows on its screens. He’ll show you how to replace tired and ineffective media relations strategies with targeted approaches and creative ways to uncover stories that journalists crave–helping your organization grab its chance in the spotlight.

Key Highlights:

  • Build effective media lists and know which publication to pitch
  • Discover the unique story or angle that your organization brings to journalists
  • Target media members based on their interests and uncover creative ways to get your news out
  • Craft media responses that put out social media fires
  • Avoid statements that can bring a crisis to your doorstep
  • Ryan Noonan
    Director of corporate communications
    AMC Theaters