Craft content that converts: Know your personas and solve their problems

Whether you’re creating content to drive search engine optimization efforts, help brand awareness or increase lead generation, you’re ultimately telling stories to boost your organization’s bottom line. Gone are the days of just using content to get likes, shares and followers. Today, successful content marketing strategies must be holistic and involve not only the PR department, but social and digital media teams, their marketing counterparts and the sales department. All of these teams must be in alignment to ensure that your content is leading people along the right customer journey, ultimately resulting in purchases. Tod Meisner, digital marketing and media coordinator for Aflac, will share takeaways that will help you create both individual content pieces and full content marketing strategies that encourage conversions and even brand loyalty.

Key Highlights:

  • How to build and define your buyer personas to make sure your content has the proper focus
  • Ways to bring your marketing, communications and sales teams together for a content audit—and why you must set proper KPIs to consistently measure each department’s content efforts
  • Tips to identify content that converts on your website, corporate blog, newsroom or social media profiles
  • How to optimize outstanding content with SEO and build out your content strategy
  • The importance of A/B testing and its effect on your content strategy
  • Tod Meisner
    Associate Brand Manager