Craft Communications to Build Employee Confidence in The COVID-19 Vaccine and Avoid Legal Landmines

A vaccine is finally here, but the real challenge for internal communicators is just beginning—and it’s one the profession has never seen before. What is the company’s stance on vaccinating all its employees? How do you ensure your employees trust its safety and comply with company policies around vaccination? During this panel, we’ll learn from the perspectives of organizations that have put together a plan for future rollout or have already begun to rollout vaccinations.

We’ll discuss:

  • What the current outlook looks like for returning to offices—and requiring vaccines for employees
  • Legal considerations to keep in mind as you craft messages around the vaccine
  • How to dispel misinformation and address safety concerns about the vaccine
  • What to understand how varying local guidelines and plans will impact employees in different areas
  • Erin Lickliter
    Head of associate communications and engagement