Cracking the Manager Comms Code: Turn Good Managers into Great Communicators

Employees want open and timely communication with managers, whom they trust the most. They depend on their managers to translate strategies to help them do their jobs well, to provide the why behind decisions and to confirm that the work they are doing is contributing to the company’s vision and goals. Communicators, HR and the executive team bank on effective manager communication, the most important communication channel in an organization. They rely on their managers to engage people, change perceptions, motivate behavior and positively impact business results. But too often, information gets stuck in the middle as managers face barriers such as lack of training, accountability and collaboration. Join Ragan Consulting Group’s Julie Baron as she delivers strategies and tactics to:

  • Eliminate barriers to effective manager communication.
  • Establish a baseline understanding of manager communication requirements.
  • Work with managers to strengthen their communication skills and better communicate change.
  • Create a process and tools like people leader events, toolkits and talking points.
  • Ensure managers are a prepared and informed resource that can drive the behaviors needed to develop a competitive advantage.
  • Julie Baron
    Affiliate consultant
    Ragan Consulting Group