Covid-19 Lessons: How to Update Your Crisis Plans and Response Toolbox

Covid changed communications forever. The lines between internal and external communications blurred—and everyone on your team is now a de facto crisis communicator. Join to hear how others managed the outbreak—so you can protect your organization no matter what’s next.

You’ll learn:

  • How frequent pulse surveys and Covid digital info-packets aligned a workforce
  • How “mixternal” communications can help you move quickly to get the word out
  • The “Trust Toolbox”: How to engage and protect deskless and WFH workers with new channels, including Microsites, Teams, CEO emails and mobile apps
  • Frontline insights from the outbreak—from adding Zoom townhalls, overhauled intranets, blogs and Facebook Live to crisis playbooks
  • How others updated crisis plans and response checklists to protect employees
  • What healthcare execs are expecting in 2021 (and how to prepare)
  • Ayoka Pond
    Director of Public Relations and Internal Communications
    Baptist Memorial Health
  • Paul Baltes
    Communications director
    Nebraska Medicine
  • Prarthna Thakore
    Head of Internal Communications