Copyright and trademark Issues for infographics

Organizations that publish infographics face unique challenges when it comes to managing intellectual property. Infographics are meant to be shared and reposted as widely as possible, but you still have to protect your organization’s brand and marketing content. Designers have to understand the implications of incorporating different visual assets into infographic designs (icons, logos, photos, etc.) and organizations have to properly protect the infographics they publish as valuable assets. This talk will cover these areas of intellectual property as they relate to infographics.

You’ll learn:

  • How to use trademarked brands and logos in your infographic designs
  • How to use royalty-free images, illustrations and icons in your infographic designs
  • What falls under Fair Use protection
  • How to properly protect the infographic designs you publish
  • How Creative Commons fits in
  • Issues around sharing and reposting infographics designed by others
  • Randy Krum
    Instructor, infographics design
    Southern Methodist University