Measuring Social Media Initiatives: What's the Worth of a "Like" or a Follow?

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What You’ll Learn:: 
Measuring the digital media landscape and your efforts across platforms can help you better understand and reach current and potential audiences as well as work with many kinds of stakeholders. From better understanding the current crisis and your audiences’ needs to identifying and taking part of conversations in appropriate ways, social listening can help you identify what messages will resonate—and when you should change your tack. Kevin Goddard, Head of Social Media for Amazon Web Services, will share an overview of social media analytics, dashboards and social listening along with how to get started on efforts that can bolster your campaigns, even during uncertain times.
You’ll learn:
  • The analytics and engagement numbers which matter—along with those that don’t
  • Ways to better understand and reach your community members—along with ways to inspire meaningful action
  • How to set smart goals and tie digital communications campaigns to website traffic and more
  • Best practices for keeping tabs on crises and current conversations (and pivoting your strategies as necessary) on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
June 2020

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Kevin Goddard is the Head of Social Media at Amazon Web Services, where he built the social media program from the ground up. Goddard has been working in online marketing and social media since before we knew what to call it. One of the leaders in online community creation, he has worked with prominent brands including Microsoft, LEGO and Amazon.