Integrate to Elevate: Powerful Pillars to Drive CSR and DEI in 2021

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What You’ll Learn:: 
Expectations around purpose and inclusion are at an all-time high. In fact, you risk reputational and workplace crises if you haven't activated your CSR and DEI commitments in 2021. Join for a practical framework to successfully integrate your CSR and DEI—and finally move past planning to implementation.
You'll learn:
  • Why CSR and DEI will matter more in 2021
  • How DEI sits within CSR: Structural considerations
  • How to bring  DEI initiatives to life in 4 phases
    • Preparing (incl. empathy building and relearning race)
    • Discovering (identifying strategic gaps and needs)
    • Creating (drafting your implementation plan)
    • Journeying (first steps and what to expect next)
  • A three-pillar assessment to kickstart inclusion
December 2020

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Morgan Phelps teaches Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity in Organizations at Marquette University. She's also the founder of Colorful Connections, a social enterprise that helps businesses succeed by creating inclusive workplaces and connecting with diverse talent. Her mission is to help organizations that want to become better versions of themselves, create a sense of belonging for all and uplift the voice of the underrepresented. She previously served as a PR consultant with Northwestern Mutual, executive director of Chicago ColorComm and supervisor of Edelman's Media Center of Excellence.