Content across platforms: How to create content for multiple departments, channels and goals

When Mariano Archdeacon, director of digital content for Lowe’s, traveled with his team in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Irma, they had storytelling across the entire organization in mind. The content they gathered was repurposed for social media, the Lowe’s newsroom, intranet, media coverage and a commercial that netted success for the marketing department. The ability to gather, create and repurpose content for departments across the organization gave Archdeacon’s’s content team a seat at the table—and confirmation that uncovering stories with a mind on content creation can help communicators immensely. In this session, Archdeacon will show you how to make your content efforts just as effective.

Key Highlights:

  • How to uncover stories from executives, employees, consumers and more
  • Questions every PR pro should ask when creating and repurposing content
  • How to craft videos, visuals and articles that fulfill multiple goals—and perform on multiple platforms
  • The items communicators must have to plan for content before, during and after events
  • How to identify trends and produce content quickly
  • Mariano Archdeacon
    Director of Digital Content
    Lowe's Home Improvement