Connecting SEO to Communications—and Your Bottom Line

Brand managers strive to deliver the right answers to consumers’ queries—as well as informative content and outstanding experiences. Yet, content and engagement efforts must be paired with smart SEO strategies to ensure that your solutions are being discovered by interested consumers. Is your organization standing out from the crowded digital media landscape? Paul Shapiro, Global Director of Techical SEO for Condé Nast, will show you a holistic look into SEO strategies, along with the role you should play in this effort and ways to better take ownership for success.

You’ll learn:

  • A holistic overview of SEO and key terms, explained
  • What PR and communications pros can do to improve SEO
  • How the lines between off-site SEO and PR are blurred—and how to better connect them
  • Ways to better work with partners and departments across your organization to deliver your website, offerings and a great experience to as many people as possible
  • Paul Shapiro
    Global Director of Technical SEO
    Condé Nast