Confronting Crisis: Social Listening Can Save Your Brand When “It” Hits the Fan

A crisis can strike at any moment, as we saw these past few years. The good news is you now likely play a more critical role than ever in keeping your public and employees informed, engaged — and safe. Here’s how to live up to those expectations with a monitoring plan that starts with listening and moves responses up the org chart. Together, we’ll hear some case studies on how brands deployed keen social strategies to manage and mitigate a crisis. You’ll learn:

  • Lessons from the front lines: How others engaged and inspired friends, fans, followers and staff during the last few years of cascading crises.
  • How to craft messages that convey confidence and eliminate uncertainty.
  • Scenario training tips for using social media dashboards to identify emerging issues.
  • How to design and deploy a social listening strategy on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and beyond.
  • The best monitoring tools to track your reputation and adjust after the crisis.
  • Kena Lewis
    Director of public affairs and media relations
    Orlando Health
  • Allison Carter
    Executive Editor
    Ragan Communications and PR Daily
  • Enid Stegmaier-Vilar
    Social Media Manager
  • Janelle Nowak-Santo
    Partner, Integrated Digital and Social Media Strategy