Conducting Employee Focus Groups, Employee Engagement and Pulse Surveys

Long considered a tool of HR, communicators can also hold employee focus groups to gain candid, valuable intel on how workers are faring during times of uncertainty and change. Employee focus groups should be that next step as follow-up to employee engagement and pulse surveys, especially if sentiment around a topic should be further explored. In this session, we’ll uncover strategies to create focus groups that produce relevant, actionable findings to refine your communications strategy and deepen employee engagement, and the right questions to ask on your surveys.

We’ll explore:

  • Strategies for determining the goal of your focus group that secure support from executives
  • How to compose survey and group questions with purpose
  • Best practices for selecting your focus group facilitator and employee participants
  • Considerations for facilitator approach that consider tone, pace and clarity
  • Tips for analyzing your findings with a debriefing session
  • Lisa Vasquez-Fedrizzi
    SVP, People & Culture
    Lippe Taylor