Composing Hero Comms Content to Show Up in Fresh, Creative Ways

When you treat your content leads as strategists instead of tacticians, all of your posts, channels and messages are more likely to outperform expectations. In this session, we’ll hear how a retailer bridged internal and external goals by highlighting the home repair and renovation chain’s history of disaster relief response through employee advocacy and community rebuilding efforts. We’ll explore how one well-realized, purposeful piece of hero content can become a powerful employer branding tool that engages multiple stops along the employee experience journey. You’ll learn:

  • The integrated comms program: Creative considerations for thinking about storytelling across different pillars of the PESO model.
  • Right time, right audience: How to consider the long lead of your content lifecycle and deploy the right pieces for the right audiences at the right time.
  • Finding champions: Tips for sourcing employee advocates and influencers in a style authentic and holistic to your message.
  • How to get it done: Strategies for starting internally with this project to earn buy-in before socializing externally.
  • Justin Joffe
    Editorial Director and Editor-in-Chief
    Ragan Communications
  • Lou Dubois
    Director of content for global brand communications
    Hilton Worldwide