Communicating Your Cyber Incident Response Plan and Post Attack Changes in Policies and Procedures to Internal and External Stakeholders

A cyber incident response plan is a set of instructions designed to help companies detect, respond to, communicate and recover from cyber security incidents. As cyberattacks impact organizations across functions, the plan should encompass various areas of the company including HR, finance, marketing, customer service, legal, insurance, employee communications, and public relations. In this session, we will examine how you can play a role in your incident response plan and the importance of swift and continual communications internally.

You will learn how to:

  • Document, outline and explain your incident response team’s roles and responsibilities
  • Craft and release impactful public statements as soon as possible
  • Work with skeptical journalists to position the crisis in a fair and positive light
  • Keep stakeholders informed about the policies, procedures and security protocols your company has taken to thwart future attacks
  • Business continuity plans and data breach response plans for the future
  • Training exercises for employees to help in preventing future incidents
  • Communicate internally with leadership and employees swiftly and continually
  • Sean Coyne
    Senior Security Consultant at Large
  • Ebony Vaz
    Founder and CEO
    Above Promotions
  • Julie Joseph
    Director, IT Communications