Communicating to a Large, Distributed Workforce During a Crisis

USPS, like many other companies and organizations, faced a challenging time with the pandemic, a major election and the uptick in e-commerce.  Communicating to a large workforce internally can be challenging  yet critical.  Learn what tactics the Postal Services used to communicate to its diverse base of employees to keep them informed with accurate updates in a time of information overload and misinformation.  Through strong senior level messaging and smart strategies using a mix of digital and print channels, they were able to keep their workforce informed with clear and concise messaging.

In this session, you’ll understand how to:

  • Target certain segments of your workforce with key information based on their needs
  • Use the power of your own employees to inform and motivate other employees
  • Understand what medium will reach specific employee groups the quickest
  • Use the power of your employee’s social media presence to advocate for your brand
  • Nicholas Sucich
    Director, Digital Communications