Communicating Change in Uncertain Times

Amid a changing world rife with vaccine mandates, corporate restructuring, downsizing, internal leaks, executive-level crises and more, communicators must step up to become expert crisis managers. In this session, you will learn how three leaders have effectively communicated amid seemingly never-ending changes in their organization.

We’ll discuss:

  • Strategies for determining how and when to communicate sensitive news to a global workforce in a transparent and trust-first way
  • Unique opportunities for building employee engagement during a corporate restructure
  • Crafting an internal crisis communications plan that engages affected employees first
  • Tips for plugging up leaks of sensitive company information
  • Key metrics to measure the effectiveness of change communications
  • Fergal McGovern
    Founder and CEO
  • Ashley Bush
    Director, Communications and Giving Back
  • Amanda Minto
    Executive Director of Internal Communications for Technology, Product and Experience
  • Justin Joffe
    Editorial Director and Editor-in-Chief
    Ragan Communications