Comms Cascade: Implementing A Smarter Manager Communications Plan

Empowering people leaders with the information they need to deliver the right messaging at the correct time requires strategy, resources, vision and follow-up. This session discusses how to best partner with HR and people managers to tailor communications to the needs of your workforce and overall business goals. You’ll walk away with:

  • A customized framework: A manager comms playbook you can put to use now.
  • Information cascades: Examples of what works — and tips for using data to improve your messaging, timely delivery, feedback loops, manager resources and follow-up or reinforcement.
  • Success toolkit: Insights for more effective standing meetings, intranets, collaborative tools and resource hubs that clearly convey key initiatives and messaging.
  • What’s Next: How to use AI, internal influencers and employee resource groups (ERGs) to facilitate more effective manager comms.
  • Sean Langston, Jr.
    Head of Internal Communications
    Reddit, Inc