Collaborate to bring your brand to life by embracing storytelling’s power

As brand campaigns become more integrated, the lines of PR and marketing are blurring. You might wonder how to take charge to get a seat at the content marketing table, but you shouldn’t ask “who” owns the effort. Instead, ask “how” you and your co-workers across the organization can work together to launch successful campaigns. Mamie Peers, former vice president of digital marketing for The Cosmopolitan, will show you how to find the unique value you can provide in each content and storytelling campaign—along with how your piece of the puzzle can fit in with the rest. Then, she’ll help you directly apply these takeaways with a group exercise.

Key Highlights:

  • Enable each department and team to be influenced by your brand’s mission by outlining what each can contribute to overall success
  • Maintain a consistent brand voice and presence across channels
  • Bring your brand to life, even with a limited budget
  • Successfully collaborate with key partners across your organization
  • Mamie Peers
    Former vice president of digital marketing
    The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas