ChatGPT Isn’t Taking Your PR Job: Why Writing Like a Journalist Still Matters

ChatGPT isn’t going to replace your professional value (but it might help with a rough draft!). And AI isn’t a threat — it’s a tool that can augment your writing process and even help polish your prose. But in media relations where clear, correct and creative copy are the coin of the realm — you also need to be able to write like the journalists you work with.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Principles of powerful newsroom writing: The building blocks of stronger copy.
  • How reporters spark engagement with emotion, energy and creativity.
  • Making it “click”— secrets of sticky headlines, subject lines, teasers, leads and CTAs.
  • AP and editing hacks: Quick tips to ensure clear, concise and even creative copy.
  • AI bonus: How to incorporate ChatGPT and similar tools into your PR writing — from brainstorming to drafting press releases, pitches and even posts.
  • Alan Black
    Director of Corporate Communications
    U.S. Navy, at Dahlgren, Virginia