Channel your inner journalist: Secrets for finding and telling strong stories

Creating content that says the same thing as previously published blogs, podcasts and more means that your work will face tall competition out the gate. Plus, does creating something that’s already available to audiences deliver value for readers, viewers and listeners? It is possible to find ideas and produce content that answers questions and identifies trends that others haven’t created. Through best practices and storytelling secrets such as her “chicken test,” Michelle Park Lazette, senior writer for the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland who worked in newsrooms for roughly a decade, will show you how to uncover stories within your organization that sing—and ways you can best tell them to make a splash.

You’ll learn:

  • Five sources you can regularly mine for truly differentiated story ideas, even when you think your content well is dry
  • A strategy for testing story ideas to be sure they warrant becoming content
  • How to spice up storytelling—even if the content is seemingly dull
  • Tips for thinking like a journalist when selecting and writing your narratives
  • Michelle Park Lazette
    Senior writer
    Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland