Change employee advocacy from passive acceptance to passionate authenticity

Your employees are the biggest source of stories for your organization. They hold the greatest potential for enhancing your corporate reputation and ultimately boosting your bottom line. How can you move your workforce from acceptance to authenticity to build passionate advocates? Kathryn Craig, senior manager of interactive communications for Whirlpool Corporation, will show you how to use storytelling techniques and build a content strategy to reduce clutter and ignite an engaged workforce. She’ll share how Whirlpool is unleashing a growing force of elite ambassadors by bringing both external and internal business communicators together to instill values, vision and brand image. Discover how you, too, can activate employees to go to bat for your organization.

Key Highlights:

  • Strategies to encourage your employees to advocate for your organization—boosting engagement, morale and retention
  • Takeaways for socializing internal key executives and helping employees build their own online influence
  • Tips to identify brand advocates within your organization and foster an environment of sharing
  • How to create “liquid” content and effectively distribute it internally for external sharing
  • Ways to make your internal communications more mobile, meeting employees where they live
  • Kathryn Craig
    Senior manager of interactive communications
    Whirlpool Corporation