Case Study: Communicating your Cyberattack Internally (The Playbook)

What do you tell your teams when your company has been cyber-attacked? What’s the best way to reach people? Who needs to be involved? There are no simple answers. However, there are some key tips on how to communicate internally – before an event happens, during the event and after. Hear from someone who lived through a disruptive malware attack, which encrypted information on internal systems and interrupted client access to its services. Kathy Raymond, VP Internal Communications at Pitney Bowes, will share an “in the trenches” story as well as some learnings and tips to ready your employee communications for such a crisis.

She will share:

  • How Pitney Bowes learned of the ransomware attack and what they experienced
  • The first steps to communicating the ransomware attack with employees and customers
  • Identifying the cause of the ransomware attack and communicating that internally
  • Communicating changes to procedures and policies following the resolution of the cybercrime
  • Kathy Raymond
    Vice President, Internal Communications
    Pitney Bowes
  • Julie Joseph
    Director, IT Communications