Capturing Attention on Social Media: Beating the 2.5 Second Challenge

From fleeting glances to lasting impact, there’s an art and science to capturing shrinking attention spans. So how long do you really have to capture someone’s attention in the age of AI? Exactly the time it takes to read this sentence. Ten words and 2.5 seconds. Join to discover what it to stand out in that tight window during this quick, informative fireside. We’ll cover:

  • New data: Where attention spans stand now and how it impacts social media
  • The psychology behind what influences us online and in social media
  • How to ignite action from your posts in just 2.5 seconds
  • How to change one word in your social media CTAs to get more yes responses
  • Bonus: How to use the P-U-B acronym to optimize your social selling success
  • Erin King
    Chief Digital Officer, Author
    Strikepoint Media, "Digital Persuasion"