Can You Hear Me? Bridging the Divide with the Language of Inclusivity

More than 95% of speechwriters are white. That’s a striking stat and the call to action is clear: We must diversify speechwriting and our messages in order to create stories that resonate with and include everyone. How else can you expect to reach your audiences if you’re not recognizing, respecting and reflecting their experience? Join for some candid talk about driving diversity and inclusion with every word you write, phrase you turn and audience you face.

You’ll learn:

  • Why we need speechwriters of color (especially after 2020’s racial justice movement)
  • The power of diverse stories and voices—and how to include them
  • Red flags to avoid when writing inclusively (gendered, ableist and dehumanizing language)—plus binary language to excise from your or your speeches today
  • Brands taking a stand: How to talk about and commit to diversity, inclusion and social justice issues in a competent, empathetic and actionable manner
  • Mallika Machra
    Fenway Strategies
  • Shaan Heng-Devan
    West Wing Writers
  • Michael Franklin
    Speechwriters of Color
  • Janet M. Stovall
    Senior Client Strategist
    NeuroLeadership Institute