Building Your Company’s Brand on LinkedIn: Examining LinkedIn Solutions to Meet Your Lead Generation and Branding Objectives

Those faced with social media marketing all know the importance of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as part of your lead generation and branding strategy. Yet, if you’re not using LinkedIn correctly you could be missing out on a major opportunity to grow both brand recognition and revenue. In this session, we will discuss the importance for communications executives to play a role in generating leads and assisting in the company’s overall branding strategy. Areas we will cover include:

  • Reaching high-quality professional audience seeking insights and information with display ads
  • Highlighting individual brands and products that drive engagement with LinkedIn Showcase Pages
  • Raising greater brand awareness, generate more quality leads and promote deeper relationships by using Sponsored Updates
  • Understanding how showcasing thought leadership can be an effective method of building your company’s brand on LinkedIn
  • Generating email leads through the use of LinkedIn Events to maximize exposure to your audience
  • Getting your message in front of your audience in minutes with the self-serve PPC ad platform
  • Alex Rynne
    Senior Content Marketing Manager