Building Consensus: The Power of Empathetic Leadership and Authentic Storytelling

Today, Fiona Ma is California’s 34th State Treasurer and the primary banker for the world’s fifth-largest economy. But she’s had to overcome countless obstacles on her journey. From being the first Asian-American woman to serve as California Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore to authoring 60+ laws advocating for those without power or a voice, she’s overcome roadblocks with an authentic communication style and win-win mindset. Join for her hard-won insights into building bridges—and consensus. You’ll hear:

  • The glass and bamboo ceiling: How Fiona overcame adversity on her own journey
  • DE&I insights and takeaways you can use to help level playing fields for others
  • Authentic storytelling: How Fiona works to inspire and uplift by sharing her story
  • Creating a win-win: How to overcome polarization to find common ground
  • The role of empathetic leadership in restoring the public’s trust in institutions
  • Quick speechwriting insights and tips Fiona has learned on the road and at the podium
  • Getting real and having fun: How Fiona balances official and personal brands on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (think doggy posts and Fiona singing karaoke)
  • Optimism and the press: Why the future looks bright—plus hard-won lessons to get the media to eschew the easy “gotcha” and negative stories in favor of upbeat coverage
  • Fiona Ma
    The State of California