Building a Better Executive Communications Presence

You know the saying: The only constant in life is change. To stay relevant, organizations need to embrace change. So do their leaders’ communications, which have the power to both demonstrate and drive change. Join Liz Coffey, manager, executive communications/global internal communications for McDonald’s Corp., as she reveals how one of the world’s most recognizable brands is evolving its leadership communications alongside its organizational culture—and how you can do the same.

Key Highlights:

  • Strike the right tone with executive communications—leaders are human too.
  • Use graphics and dynamic content to enhance your message and your audience’s understanding of complicated topics
  • Use more progressive communications vehicles to send a signal about the direction you’re headed in
  • Get leadership buy-in to communicate in new ways your audiences will notice
  • Liz Coffey
    Executive Communications / Global Internal Communications
    McDonald's Corp