Build a Work Culture and Employer Brand Inclusive to People of All Abilities

Millions of Americans live with disabilities and while the law offers some protections in the workplace, many employers are falling short on ensuring that their culture is inclusive and equitable to this marginalized demographic. Join us for a conversation about some of the workplace challenges faced by people with disabilities and ways that communicators can build a more inclusive culture and employee experience.

You’ll learn:

  • Ways in which the traditional workplace experience and culture is alienating to people with disabilities
  • Key principles of the ADA that communicators should be familiar with
  • How to adapt and transform existing practices to build a workplace that is inclusive to everyone
  • How to show senior leaders the value of creating a more accessible workplace experience and push for change
  • Erin Brown
    Disability and Compliance Officer
    University of the Bahamas
  • Vix Jensen
    Disability Rights Activist