Build a Social Media Brand That Earns Engagement and Trust

Social media is essential when it comes to advancing your advocacy goals and positioning executives as industry experts. With the 2020 election shaping up to be one of the most watched, written about, unpredictable and highly contested events in recent history, the stakes are staggeringly high for communicators. How does your organization break through and successfully engage audiences on today’s biggest platforms while minimizing risk? Discover the strategies AARP uses to champion its brand online and gain support around key issues at stake in the election. You’ll take part in exercises to help you improve your social media brand and become a trusted source to your online audiences.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Define your key audiences and messaging strategies for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more
  • Build a rapid response/crisis response infrastructure for social media uproars
  • Develop a compelling voice and content stream that breaks through the social media noise
  • Build an authentic LinkedIn presence for executives to earn the trust of audiences
  • Adapt to Twitter’s ban on political ads—and learn how to engage influencers organically
  • Measure success and get leadership buy-in for your efforts

  • Reshma Mehta
    Director of Grassroots Advocacy