Build a PR strategy that grabs the lion’s share of media coverage and brand buzz

Landing a spot in on a coveted network or in a top-tier publication requires proper preparation to set up—and seize upon—opportunities to build your organization’s brand. However, the work doesn’t stop once the article or interview is clinched. To truly accelerate your PR efforts and help you stand out from the pack, you must arm yourself with stories and skills that can help you run with a multitude of content across platforms and answer the call of any reporter. Farley Fitzgerald, senior manager of marketing and engagement for National Geographic, will share lessons learned from the organization’s Photo Ark program—along with the PR wins that you can gain when you use resources wisely and get your team involved.

You’ll learn:

How to get your organization’s stakeholders involved in boosting your campaigns

Tips for creating communications strategies that reach multiple audiences and help drive PR, marketing and branding initiatives

Elements of a reactive media toolkit that helps you jump on coverage opportunities

How to get the most out of each program, content piece and campaign you create

Takeaways for coordinating across departments and teams to streamline your messages and efforts

  • Farley Fitzgerald
    Senior manager of marketing and engagement
    National Geographic Society