Break through the noise: Use Science to ensure your content sticks

The world is becoming more crowded and fast-paced. Both consumers and brand managers are inundated with an overwhelming number of messages every day, and it’s only getting noisier—causing the human mind to become increasingly used to tuning out messaging efforts. As communicators, it is harder than ever to break through this noise and reach your target audiences so that they don’t just see your message—they remember it. Elizabeth Edwards, founder of Volume PR, will provide specific strategies and tactics based on behavioral science laws that you can implement immediately to increase positive responses and make your content exponentially more successful.

Key Highlights:

  • Specific rules and tools from new behavioral science research that can help you create stronger and more engaging content
  • How to reach stakeholders how they want to be communicated with, based on how their brains are hardwired to respond
  • The difference between the thinking and the breathing brain—and how to leverage that difference to motivate audiences to act
  • Tips for developing messages and stories that tap into the unconscious needs of your target audiences, ultimately increasing your ROI
  • Elizabeth Edwards
    Founder and president
    Volume PR