Break Through the Noise: How to Use Insights to Build Adaptable PR and Communications Strategies

Public relations isn’t only about grabbing placements and headlines that share your organization’s news and help you respond to crises. Rather, it can help increase brand awareness, help educate audiences about important issues (and your organization’s offerings), strengthen trust and loyalty, and help you solidify your organization’s reputation. How can you make public relations ancillary to your marketing mix, instead of an afterthought that’s disconnected from other efforts and your organization’s business goals?  Johnny Smith Jr., Vice President of Marketing Services for Encompass Health, will share ways you can become a data-driven marketer who creates robust public relations strategies that help you to increase trust, transparency and brand awareness, especially in a shifting news media landscape.

You’ll learn:

  • Steps to ensure media relations is integrated in your organization’s planning process for brand and product strategies from beginning to end
  • How to create holistic, insights- and researched-backed PR strategies
  • How to adapt your messages for national publications and local market outlets, even in times of crisis and change
  • Ways to track and measure success—and what analytics you should include
  • Johnny Smith Jr.
    National senior director of marketing and communications